Pink Noire Beauty Supply & Cosmetics – Pink Noire Beauty Supply & Cosmetics

The #1 Black Owned Beauty Supply in the Mid-South

Chasity Monroe’s Biography

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Excellent customer service.....beautiful facility....great prices!!!

Josephine Weaver

Soooo glad to meet Ms. Chastity. She has an amazing shop and I am Soooo happy she's African American please go and shop with her. Thanks Ms. Chastity

Deborah Taylor

Wishing your business the best success.
Think about cameras for security.

Fun Girl91

Black owned!!!!!! Black owned!!!!
Candy is so nice helpful and gave me information that I needed this is a no cash purchase beauty supply store
So card Apple Pay chip etc only

Bianca Johnson

I had a splendid visit today! I showed up just a tad bit too early but I was greasers by someone in the parking lot and they stayed the store opens at 12 PM. The store is still in phase 1. Great selection of natural hair care products and some braid hair and crotchet hair options.

Kiana Cleveland