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Soft Sheen Care Free Curl Gold

Soft Sheen Care Free Curl Gold

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REFRESH YOUR CURLS: This spray refreshes dry curls and waves with light, long-lasting moisture, featuring glycerine and protein; Curls and waves are left feeling soft and nourished, full of body and sheen.
MOISTURE CONTROL: This Hair and Scalp Spray was exclusively formulated for the "Dry Curl" style to help prevent breakage and provide around-the-clock moisture control without excess wetness.
STYLING PRODUCTS: We make an array of products for all types of curly hair, including moisture-sealing gels and leave-in sprays, rejuvenating oils, pomades, creams, butters and protective edge savers.
UNIQUE LOOKS: We help people of color celebrate unique looks and styles with an array of treatments, colors and styling products for all hair types: curly, wavy, natural, relaxed, transitioning and more.
SOFTSHEEN-CARSON: For over 110 years we have provided beauty to all consumers of African descent with our innovative, tailor-made, superior products and services specially designed for their needs.

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