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DeLaCruz Coconut Oil 2.2 oz

DeLaCruz Coconut Oil 2.2 oz

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Coconut oil is naturally saturated in fatty acids and makes a great skin moisturizer and softener for rough and dry skin. Helps restore the lipid barrier of your dry skin, reducing water loss.
Great on hair too! Pure Coconut Oil for hair hydration moisturizes your curls for a perfect shiny and hydrated look! It also helps promote healthy and strong hair growth.
Wonderful subtle coconut scent that lasts all day! This liquid coconut oil for skin does not leave a sticky residue and does not stain your clothes. Goes on smooth and is quickly absorbed by the skin.
Apply to skin liberally in the shower or after showering. Great for dry elbows and knees! Apply to hair from the tips up. If you tend to have oily hair, keep the coconut oil on the tips only!
Never tested on animals (We love them!) This coconut oil for hair and skin is expeller pressed and hexane free. Non- GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan. Made in USA.

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