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Aceite Avocado Oil 2oz

Aceite Avocado Oil 2oz

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De la Cruz Avocado oil helps to regenerate the amounts of collagen and Elastin; your skin needs these compounds to keep you looking young and fresh. Our oil is a unique natural moisturizer, making it great for massage.
By adding avocado oil to your daily beauty routine, your skin will feel its benefits because of its Vitamin E high content to help you reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
The oleic acid in avocados can promote collagen production, which helps grow new skin. Avocado oil can help you accelerate the healing process, relieving your skin with issues like sunburn.
DLC Avocado Oil can help keep your nails and surrounding skin soft; while it reduces breakages, it can also repair dry and brittle nails.
If your hair is dehydrated, avocado oil is the perfect leave-in conditioner and can help you restore your hair moisture and softness.

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